Business Process Outsourcing

Business Intelligence Consulting

Leaders of successful organizations realize that foundation of winning is deeply rooted in the effective execution of solid business processes. What’s more, they know what their organizations do best, and what they are less equipped to handle. Seismic provides the critical support to the Service Providers that enables process improvement and significant cost savings.

We build, manage and operate industry specific critical business :

Outsource Managed Services

24/7 Service Desk

Telecom Expense Management

We have the ability to scale competent, certified, engineering capacity.

We have quality and construct metrics that measure the aspects of delivery.

Our delivery methodology can identify, at a resource level, exactly what’s needed to provide the promised solution.

Consequently, we can offer an element of visibility into the organization that owners and leaders typically don’t have.

Testimonial :

A global enterprise client using Avaya infrastructure brought Seismic in to find cost savings and service level improvements. The client was working with a Service Provider that addressed the maintenance entitlements and on site delivery team. Seismic determined the client was 50% over subscribed on their maintenance and contracted with Seismic for 24/7 service desk to improve service levels and reduce costs.

Seismic was founded to provide managed service providers access to skills and solutions while improving their profitability and scalability. Seismic becomes a seamless extension of our clients enabling them to build their brands and increase client satisfaction.