Data Migration

Data Migration & Tech Admin

At Seismic, technical administration engineers perform critical functions that help keep our client networks running smoothly, securely and efficiently. They aid senior engineers on projects, handling project management and keeping the team on task before and during maintenance activities. The technical administrative teams also check for any alarms in systems that are being prepped for a big project task – such as release management on resident software, or other major software release upgrades.

Technical administrative engineers are also instrumental in checking the status of various components in client systems, and the keep our clients up-to-date on any potential issues that could have an impact on their system’s health. They keep on top of the current versions of software on client systems, and recommend upgrades of patches or firmware when they become available with the OEM - helping our clients to stay current within the OEM standards. Tech admin engineers also monitor the overall utilization of client systems, and can recommend configuration changes/maintenance activities to ensure the stability of the system.

Also integral to our service teams at Seismic are our data migration engineers. Their role is to ensure that critical client data is migrated properly and implemented correctly within any new system that is being prepped to go into production. These engineers follow a thorough checklist of tasks that are developed based on the scope of the project. This method helps the implementation team to deliver the project on-time, while ensuring all features and configurations in the current system are migrated in the correct sequence. Overall this helps to drive projects to successful completion, while providing transparency and ensuring our clients that our team can handle all day-to-day tasks once the system goes into production.