Escalation Management and Backbone Support

Escalation Management and Backbone Support

Escalation Management :

At Seismic, escalation management is a crucial component of the solutions we provide to our customers. We have a talented team of industry certified ITIL incident and problem management personnel who work to manage and resolve network events swiftly and effectively.

Our team at Seismic has a tiered support structure, wherein each engineer performs a specific function according to his or her skillset and expertise. In cases of next-level escalation, senior engineers perform advanced troubleshooting to help resolve the problem.

Escalation Management Process :

We recognize that there are critical situations which could lead to negative revenue impacts or loss of business for our clients, so we work to resolve issues quickly and satisfactorily. With the support we provide, the Seismic team becomes a trusted partner for our clients in critical moments. The escalation management process we follow provides order, structure and direction when we tackle issues for our clients :

Escalation initiation, based on the severity of the problem experienced by the customer

A senior technical resource and an escalation manager are assigned to the problem

The team logs the escalation in the tracker, and links the escalation record to related incident or problem records

The team identifies appropriate service provider and customer management contacts

We conduct a detailed situation appraisal and review, spearheaded by the escalation manager

A hierarchical escalation structure is in place and all relevant personnel are notified

The escalation team works to resolve the problem. At each stage, records are updated and management contacts and team are informed of the progress and the escalation plan.

Backbone Support :

At Seismic, backbone support is crucial to maintaining and managing our clients’ enterprise network infrastructures. Our backbone support team includes remote engineers and trained technicians who have expertise and hands-on experience working on customer systems. By remotely resolving incidents using diagnostic tools in our client’s network environments, we offer a significant advantage over deploying field technicians and engineers to the client’s site.

Due to advancements such as high capacity/low cost bandwidth, better network connectivity and more secure technologies, clients can now leverage efficient and cost-effective service providers. We allow clients to have their end-users connected to their network and operate seamlessly across geographic boundaries while being supported by our team of remote engineers for any service issues.

The benefits of having remote backbone support includes :

Lower operational cost for maintaining existing infrastructure

Reduced IT expenditure and lower operational costs

Technical domain expertise and dedicated support

Remote monitoring of network infrastructure, 24 x 7 x 365

Better management of incidents and fault isolation

Seismic has dedicated teams performing these functions for Avaya, Cisco, and Lync products. Our teams use the latest diagnostic tools for accessing and troubleshooting client-reported issues, and work within managed account services for industries including enterprise healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance.