Event Monitoring and Incident Management

Event Monitoring and Incident Management

For over 7 years, our event monitoring team at Seismic has been proactively monitoring client systems utilizing Avaya and Nortel-based tools. We proactively oversee and maintain customer systems with a combination of alarms, SM diagnostic tools, proactive intervention, and network management by our talented team of remote engineers and technicians.

As and when alarms arise, Seismic engineers perform triage and tier-1 troubleshooting before escalating to our SPS event management team. We use an alarm monitoring system based on four different servers – AlarmTraq, iCON, XUI and Reliatel, and utilize Eventedge to create and update tickets for valid alarms.

With Seismic’s event monitoring team, you can be assured of :

Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting of alarms :
The Seismic team proactively monitors all client alarms and perform the required tier-1 triage and troubleshooting when they arise.

Automated ticket creation :
An automated ticket will be created if the issue is not resolved within the defined SLA.

Timely escalation :
Our team ensures end-to-end resolution by quickly escalating to other departments if the issue is not resolved within the defined SLA.

Staying up & running :
With our team’s high availability, we make sure client systems stay up and running - avoiding downtime, production and possible revenue impact.

Proactive communication :
We proactive inform clients on the status of alarms, emphasizing speedy communication and resolutions to avoid any possible business impact.

Adherence to SLAs :
The Seismic team makes sure events are managed and maintained within the stipulated SLAs defined for our clients.

The right engagement and escalation at the right time :
Our team proactively engages with different departments and stays on call, until the issue is resolved.

Tech on-site support :
The Seismic event monitoring team assists onsite technicians as and when required when working to resolve client issues.

Products utilized :

Definity systems – G3Csi, G3si, G3R

Communication Manager 1.x through 5.x

Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Session Manager

System Manager

Avaya Aura SBCE

Nortel CS1000 systems

Modular Messaging

Avaya Aura Messaging

Intuity Audix


UPS systems

Cisco Datacenter

The Seismic event monitoring team has serviced and resolved millions of alarms since its inception, saving a cost of labor of approximately 50% for our clients using the powerful ITSM tools we have built in-house.

Simple MACD :

At Seismic, our team handles tier-1 MACD programming for any adhoc or scheduled requests from clients. The UTAS MAC team provides technical assistance on move, add, change and delete phone extensions using a combination of ITSM ticketing tool and secured remote login procedures. We provide full-cycle remote programming, firmware upgrading, software upgrading and system support via our capable tier 1 team. Additionally our tier 3 team is available for advanced technical support requirements and vendor coordination for system faults and trunk problems, when requested.

Team capabilities :

Phone system move, add, change, and delete requests

Voicemail password add, modify, and delete requests

Coverage path or pickup group assignments

Phone button assignments

Attendant console changes

System lists and directory changes

Class of restriction and class of service

Feature access codes

User/system auto dial

Individual mailbox subscriber parameters and permissions

‘Meet me’ conferencing administrations

IP soft phone administration

Extension to cellular – EC500

The Seismic MACD team is almost five years old and has serviced more than 35,000 MACD requests since its inception. We take pride in handling requests both simple and complex, managing them effectively and efficiently within the stipulated SLAs.