Managed Security

Managed Security Services

Cyber-threats are many and varied, and are ever-evolving with the rapid emergence of new technologies. Malicious actors - as demonstrated by recent events - can easily gain access to sensitive data by exploiting gaps and breaching 'secure' networks. It is therefore critical that these potential risks are addressed swiftly in order to maintain network security.

At Seismic, we deliver security services on a 24 by 7 basis with precision and rigour borne from experience, guarding your networks in a reliable, affordable way. Ensure your sensitive data and information is safe from attack with our trusted guidance, implementation, and management of a range of security services.

Managed Firewall Service : Administration of firewalls which safeguard data across networks, hosts, applications and databases.

Vulnerability Management : Continuous information security and risk process management, focused on strengthening networks while protecting your data.

Next-Generation Firewall : A firewall with more rigorous inspections, packet payloads and signature matching, for security management in the cloud.

E-mail Security : Utilizes multiple techniques used to secure email service on a continuous basis.

Advanced End-Point Security : An approach that protects computer networks and secures endpoints by blocking access attempts and other insecure activities.

Employee Awareness Training : A training program designed to educate employees about computer security, corporate policies and procedures, to help safeguard networks from within.

Cloud Security : Protecting the data stored online from theft, leakage, and deletion.

Threat Management : Addresses multiple types of malwares and protects from intrusion at both entry levels and other endpoints.