Technical Services

Event Monitoring and Incident Management

For over 7 years, our event monitoring team at Seismic has been proactively monitoring client systems utilizing Avaya and Nortel-based tools. We proactively oversee and maintain customer systems with a combination of alarms, SM diagnostic tools, proactive intervention, and network management by our talented team of remote engineers and technicians.


Complex MACD and Problem & Change Management

At Seismic, we have dedicated teams that support customers on Avaya, Cisco and Microsoft products. Our teams use the latest diagnostic tools for accessing and troubleshooting customer reported issues, provide best-in-class service for clients spanning enterprise healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance industries.


Escalation Management and Backbone Support

At Seismic, escalation management is a crucial component of the solutions we provide to our customers. We have a talented team of industry certified ITIL incident and problem management personnel who work to manage and resolve network events swiftly and effectively.


Engineering and Professional Services

At Seismic, we understand that enterprise networks are highly complex, and any new deployment in a multi-vendor infrastructure has to be carefully planned and strategically executed. In an increasingly mixed-vendor environment where customers have the ability to choose the best solution for a given functionality,


Onsite Smart Hands Support - Network Management & UC

As the leading provider of multi-vendor technology support services in North America, Seismic delivers world-class hardware support for thousands of clients. Our goal is to provide reliable, high-quality technology deployment and support across your entire enterprise, utilizing the latest technology solutions to meet ongoing, seasonal or unexpected needs.


Business Intelligence Consulting

Effective Business Intelligence is a core requirement for today’s enterprises. In fact, it’s considered a basic and fundamental necessity. Still, many in the channel remain ill-equipped to glean impactful information from the myriad sources of data they have available. We guide our clients through proven repeatable methods to get access to the data they need.


Managed Security Services

Cyber-threats are many and varied, and are ever-evolving with the rapid emergence of new technologies. Malicious actors - as demonstrated by recent events - can easily gain access to sensitive data by exploiting gaps and breaching 'secure' networks. It is therefore critical that these potential risks are addressed swiftly in order to maintain network security.


BPO Services
Leaders of successful organizations realize that foundation of winning is deeply rooted in the effective execution of solid business processes. What’s more, they know what their organizations do best, and what they are less equipped to handle. Seismic provides critical support to service providers that enables process improvement and significant cost savings.

We build, manage and operate industry specific critical business :

Outsourced Managed Services

Telecom Expense Management

24/7 Service Desk

We have the ability to scale competent, certified, engineering capacity

We have quality and construct metrics that measure the aspects of delivery

Our delivery methodology can identify, at a resource level, exactly what’s needed to provide the promised solution. Consequently, we can offer an element of visibility into the organization that owners and leaders typically don’t have.

Contract Management

From global logistics and flexible customized financing solutions to pre-sales, technical, and engineering assistance, at Seismic we work to respond to changing market conditions with agility and speed, so our clients can achieve the most expedient and cost-efficient results.


Data Migration & Tech Admin

At Seismic, technical administration engineers perform critical functions that help keep our client networks running smoothly, securely and efficiently. They aid senior engineers on projects, handling project management and keeping the team on task before and during maintenance activities. The technical administrative teams also check for any alarms in systems that are being prepped for a big project task