AI and Event Monitoring

AI and Event Monitoring

Event Monitoring is an integral part of remote monitoring, which involves maintaining a customer’s voice network through an organized system of product alarms. To manage event monitoring for its clients, Seismic uses a combination of SM diagnostic tools, interventions, and resolutions which are carried out by a team of remote technicians and engineers.

Over the past few years, AI-enabled technologies have made significant changes in the work flow and processes involved with event monitoring.AI helps detect performance and availability issues, which also helps in pinpointing problem areas and in determining the source of the issue. AI incorporates machine learning, control systems and various other technologies to optimize productivity in the execution and delivery of services.

Seismic uses a Java based application that resides at our customers’ locations and which provides connectivity and monitoring capabilities. This server is also referred to as a remote intelligence gateway (RIG) or connectivity server. The automated actions this service management tool has transformed includes the following tasks:

Opening tickets based on the service catalog
Updating ticket SLAs based on priority
Setting ticket attributes based on categories
Initiating ticketing status workflows

Automation saves our clients’ enterprises a significant amount of money in terms of operating costs, and it also frees up our engineers to focus their efforts on more mission-critical tasks and projects, particularly those pertaining to increasing customer satisfaction rates.

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